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Experience the best authentic Italian cuisine in York from Silvano's. Available for bookings everyone is welcome, couples, families and large groups. Get in touch today on 01904 622 737

Pasta Specials

Pasta specials

Spaghetti NicoteraHome-made spaghetti tossed with chilli, garlic pesto and pecorino cheese £10.95

Orecchiette TartufateA trio of fresh made pasta tossed with smoked bacon and black truffle cream, served with parmesan cheese £11.50

Rigatoni PeperatiFreshly made rigatoni with red chilli, tossed with anchovy paste, tomato concassea, basil and parmesan cheese £10.95

Messicani GratinatiMessican pastry case, filled with ricotta mascarpone cheese and saffron, gratin with chantilly sauce £11.50

Penette Al Pesto CalabresseRed chilli penne, tossed with spiced pesto, wild cicory, garlic and pecorino cheese £11.50

Risotto CassareciaBraised Italian arborio rice with saffron, wild mushrooms, truffles and pecorino cheese £11.95

Spaghetti AigranchiHome-made red spicy spaghetti with fresh crab and anchovy paste, with tarragon, lobster and garlic sauce £12.50

For reservations, information and further enquiries call 01904 622 737

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