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Wine and beer

Wines and beverages at Silvano's

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TREBBIANO                                 £17.95
Tenuous yellow colour with greenish reflections.  Delicate bouquet and fragrant
perfume, aromatic and very pleasant.  An elegant finish, fresh and harmonious taste.

SAUVIGNON DOC                      £19.25
Straw yellow colour with a persistent aroma of fig, citrus and elder.  A well structured wine, good acidity and a long finish.

PINOT GRIGIO                             £19.50
An elegant wine with delicate hints of apple, white peach and pineapple.
Crisp and smooth on the palate, with lingering fruit flavours.

SINGLE VINEYARD FRASCATI                         £19.50
This frascati has been made with the finest grapes from specially selected vineyards in the Monte Porzio region.  The fragrance is preserved by the modern methods of wine making.

SOAVE                                            £19.50
A lovely, full tasting, refreshing and fruity wine with a lightly fragrant aroma.

FIANO                                             £19.50
The Italian wine Fiano di Avellino is often characterized as a pale straw colored wine with strong aromas of spice and floral notes.
CHARDONNAY DOC                   £19.95
Dry with good acidity, smooth and creamy on the palate with elegant fruit character and layers of vanilla and soft spice.

NURAGUS DI CAGLIARI             £20.50
Pale yellow or golden hue, balanced acidity and excellent alcohol content.
The flavour which derives from the grapes themselves is evocative of apples,
subtle spices and a pleasant vanilla finish.

ORVIETO                                       £21.50
Pale straw yellow in colour, deliciously dry and fresh with a slight touch of bitter almonds in the finish.

VERMENTINO                              £21.50
An excellent example of Sardinia's classic white variety.  Vermentino, with
lovely green apple, light spiciness and a hint of almond on the nose.  Succulent
apple flavour shows great intensity with a bracing touch of mineral.

GAVI                                                £23.95
Straw yellow with typical greenish hues.  Fresh and fruity on the nose with a scent of almond and green apple. Delightfully elegant, fresh and harmonic on the palate with mineral, citrus and green apple flavours.

FALANGHINA                               £23.95
An elegant dry white, peachy group, fresh flavour

PINOT GRIGIO ROSE                £22..50
Light rose in colour with a rich nose ranging from pear and floral aromas. Dry on the palate, full and fresh.


MONTEPULCIANO                            £18.95
Dark, deep reddish purple and garnet hues.  A touch of wood on the
palate, a wine of medium body with silky tannins and a pleasant mouth
feel and a subtle finish.

SANGIOVESE                                    £18.95
The wine opens with a ruby red colour with violet tinges.  It has a full
and intense fragrance with hints of red fruits.  Well balanced.

MERLOT                                             £18.95
Everyday light and delicate Merlot.

NEGROAMARO                                 £ 19.95
Valued for its deep color, mildly aromatic with a dark berryfruit flavors

CANNONAU                                       £22.50
Rich and explosive blend that brings an unheard of level of finesse.
Jammy and indulgent, this wine offers deep red fruits, plums, baking
spices and cocoa.

BARDOLINO                                      £22.50
Light ruby red colour, vinous and delicate bouquet, dry and well balanced flavour.  An all dinner wine.

BARBERA                                           £23.50
A savoury, food friendly wine with a deep ruby red colour and a fruity, slightly spicy aroma.  A good balance between softness and acidity.

VALPOLICELLA                                  £24.50
Brilliant ruby red colour, subtle and vinous bouquet, fresh and velvet-smooth flavour.

CHIANTI CLASSICO DOC                £24.95
Very pleasant, bright ruby red wine, with aromas of mature fruits and a medium, well balanced flavour.

CABERNET FRANC                           £27.95
Typical fresh and juicy blackcurrant characteristic with subtle grassy aromas, well-rounded and soft tannins, full flavour and a firm structure    
REFOSCO                                           £28.95
Soft and subtle. Canella, raspberries and brambles, rich tannins, full structure

RABOSO                                              £29.25
Intense, fruity red, dry, typical rich berries and spiced bouquet

CARPANE                                            £34.50
Combination of Corvina, Sangiovese and Rodinella grapes. Hint of berries and liquorice nose, fruity body, butter and velvet finish of the palate

RIPASSO DELLA VALPOLICELLA                             £37.50
Rich and bright red ruby colour.  Fragrance of prune and sour cherry with a light scent of leather. Clean flavour with a pleasant touch of wood. Well balanced and smooth tanin.

BALDASSARE                                    £38.50
Limited to 4860 bottles per year.  Raboso and Merlot grapes, dark and rich, full bodied, soft and smooth palate, with an elegant character

BAROLO                                              £47.50
Garnet red with hints of orange. An ethereal bouquet with suggestions of liquorice and cocoa. Dry, robust and austere on the palate with a silky smooth, well balanced finish.

AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA                             £48.95
Strong garnet colour, intense bouquet, full-bodied, warm and velvet smooth flavour, dry and austere.


CUVEE IMPERIALE  ROSE                         £35.50
High quality rose sparkling wine.  Light salmon pink in colour with scents of wild berries.  Well structured with a rich silkiness and a cascade of fine bubbles.

SPARKLING ROSE                                       £36.50
The colour is a brilliant delicate pink, with extremely fine and persistent
perlage.  The bouquet is elegant and complex, with a wide range of
aromas and intense hints of rose.

PROSECCO FOSS MORAI DOCG            £35.50
This Prosecco sports a lively and attractive nose of floral, pear, stone fruit,
spiced apple and mineral.  Clear and crisp finish.

PROSECCO   HOUSE                                £27.95
A mouth watering fresh, fragrant wine, light and persistent.  Dry and well balanced.

BARON ALBERT BRUTE NV                     £39.50

HOUSE CHAMPAGNE                                £42.50

LANSON BLACK LABEL                            £59.50

MOET and CHANDON                               £67.50

DOM PERIGNON                                        £195.00

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